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Our PDO Thread Course Is Offered To Medical Professionals Specializing In The Aesthetic Industry Looking To Integrate Threading Face Lifting And Tightening Procedures Into Their Practice. Our One-Day Course Provides Classroom Didactic And Hands-On Practical Training To Learn Specific Protocols And Treatment For Proper Placement Of The Thread Sutures To Achieve Beautiful Anti-Aging Results. Physicians Lead Our Course While Students Enjoy Their Hands-On Training Portion Of Learning In A Real Medspa Environment.

In Addition, DAC Offers Our Students More Models Than Any Other Institute Provided At No Additional Cost To The Student. Our PDO Course Is Approved Through The NOVA THREAD Manufacture, The Leading Threading Company In America.


$2500 / 8 Hours

  • 1 Day Beginner and Advanced Certifications Courses
    Thread lift procedures are now the aesthetic industry’s #1 most sought out procedure. ​Plastic surgeons have regarded PDO Thread life as a significant advancement as an alternative solution for surgical procedures with revolutionary skin rejuvenation anti-aging procedures. Our training provides the best comprehensive training while offering the most hands-on PDO training in the U.S., which is why we are the most sought out training institute for Medical Aesthetic professionals. Our classes are taught only by physicians while providing our students with the most intimate learning environment to provide the best learning experience possible.

Why Choose Us?

Class Size Intimate Learning Environment to ensure one-on-one attention is provided to each student 5/1 ratio Seminar like Set up. 50-100 students with little to no personal attention. 25/1 ratio
Models DAC provides all patient models for our students. Students must bring their own models or are provided only 1-2 models to share
Instructors Lead By Award-Winning Physician Lead by non-physician trainers
Learning Environment Classroom and medical setting. Students get to then obtain practical hands on experience in a live medspa setting. Seminar set up in a hotel conference room or event center.

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DAC Serves Clients across the United States.

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