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We understand your business is medicine.

The business of medical aesthetics is a $14 billion dollar industry and is growing rapidly. Aesthetic medical offices offering both medical, cosmetic, and wellness services are becoming the new era of anti-aging clinics. Establishing a medspa or business that offers both dermatology and cosmetic services can be challenging. It requires organization, excellent staff training, and a strategic plan providing synergy between both medical and cosmetic services.

Our DermAesthetic consultants offer our clients a combined 40+ years of aesthetics industry experience to help you achieve ultimate success. Our experience helps you prevent mistakes, maximize revenue, and grow your clinic to become #1.

Our experts help you organize and manage your existing business or startup by giving your staff tools needed for success through training and teaching, so you can focus on what you do best.

DermAesthetic Consultants Offer A Variety Of Services Including:

  • Concept Planning
  • Medspa Design & Buildout
  • Business Lead Generation
  • Website Building & Online Stores
  • MSO/MSA Guidance
  • Logos, Brochures & other Print Material
  • Medical Spa Business Plans
  • Legal Forms, Contracts, Employment Non-Compete
  • Treatment Protocols, Front & Back Office SOPs
  • Professional Lead Management Solutions​
  • Sales Training to Grow Your Practice
  • Aesthetic Training & Certification Course
  • 1:1 Advice From Industry Experts
  • Equipment & Vendor Selection and More...

The Vision Behind DermAesthetic Consulting

We provide business owners, physicians, and aesthetic professionals the skills and strategies to start and grow 7-figure businesses. Not only do we specialize in helping clinics offering both medical and cosmetic dermatology, we also assist medical spa and aesthetic wellness anti-aging practices. Our goal is to help you maximize revenue while differentiating you from your competition.

DermAesthetic Consulting offers the most comprehensive menu of services to help our clients achieve success on both the business side and the professional side. We have created a full circumference of training and consulting for all of your business and career advancement needs.

We are industry professionals who understand the challenges dermatology practices and medical spas face every day. We understand because we have been where you are now!

Having been the owner, the laser technician, medical assistant, nurse, sales trainer, the medical director, the sales consultant, the practice manager, and the advertising specialist, we know what it takes to succeed. Essentially every expertise needed to run a successful practice, we have done on our own and done it well.

After owning several of our own clinics, and helping many other practices, we share and provide training on what really works to teach you the skills needed to achieve lasting success.

For the entrepreneur and business owners, we offer business planning, from business concept and planning, treatment selection, sales training, medspa compliance insight, website development, SEO, social media management, advertising and marketing, medical billing and credentialing services. For the professional aesthetic provider, we provide both basic and advanced training and certification on a variety of laser services and medical aesthetics treatments. We advance your career by providing professional development workshops, sales coaching and consultation training, and so much more. Whether you are the owner of an aesthetic business or a provider wanting to advance your education, we will lead you towards success!

Our knowledge and extensive industry experience will provide a competitive edge against your competition while providing an ongoing resource to assist with leadership, organization, personal development and overall success for your business or career.

Let Our Experience Elevate Your Success

aj james

Ashley James (AJ)​

Visionary Leader in Aesthetic Practice Consulting

Ashley James, AJ, is the CEO and founder of DermAesthetic Consulting and The National Medspa Training Institute. She opened her first clinic at 23 years old and has continued to innovate and expand in the industry ever since.

With nearly 20 years of quality experience in the medical and aesthetic field, she has founded four award-winning medical spas, dermatology, and plastic surgery clinics of her own.

In addition to her success as a medical spa and dermatology clinic owner, she is a mastermind sales consultant in the aesthetics industry, published skincare author, aesthetic laser trainer and educator, social media influencer, and experienced business consultant.

Ashley James, widely known as AJ, is the illustrious CEO and founder of DermAesthetic Consulting Group (DAC Group), a premier aesthetic practice consulting firm with over 50 years of combined industry expertise. AJ’s journey into the world of aesthetics began at the age of 23 when she boldly opened her first clinic. Since then, she has been a relentless force of innovation and expansion within the industry.

AJ’s educational journey reflects her commitment to excellence. After three years in nursing school, she redirected her path to earn a BA in Business. In 2002, she obtained her aesthetics diploma, later securing a National Certificate in Advanced Aesthetics Practice and Laser Technology in 2005. This distinction positioned her as one of the first nationally certified laser technicians in the country.

A trailblazer and entrepreneur, AJ weathered the challenges of being one of the first non-physician owners of a medical practice in the Midwest. Her keen understanding of the industry allowed her to navigate evolving technologies, treatments, and regulations. In 2008, leveraging her success as an aesthetic practice owner, AJ began providing training for laser technology and business consulting to physicians nationwide.

With nearly two decades of experience in the medical and aesthetic field, AJ has founded four award-winning medical spas, including a plastic surgery practice and a dermatology clinic. Her foray into skincare resulted in the launch of her own line, featured in Vogue Magazine,solidifying her as a prominent figure in the industry. In 2018, she proudly became the brand sponsor for the International Reality TV Awards.

AJ’s impact extends beyond her clinics. She is the visionary founder and CEO of the National Medspa Training Institute and the co-founder of Medspa Mobile Solutions, pioneering custom aesthetics for mobile practices. As a leading businesswoman, she has received multiple awards and is recognized as an expert in aesthetics. Her specialties include practicing profitability, building solid cultures, and providing expert sales training.

Today, AJ’s consulting prowess shines as she guides physicians and providers in launching successful aesthetic practices. As one of the few consultants in the industry with real practice ownership experience, AJ’s collaboration with leading medical device companies showcases her extensive understanding and skills in structuring businesses for success. In the dynamic world of aesthetics, AJ stands as a beacon of leadership, consistently delivering on her promise to empower clients with the knowledge and strategies essential for thriving in this ever-evolving industry.

DermAesthetic Consulting

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DAC Serves Clients across the United States.

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