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Starting and scaling a small business, especially a medical business, can be challenging. 

Today’s physicians often lack the business training and experience to manage and run a successful company.

Our consultants offer over 50 years of combined industry experience to help you launch or expand your practice with ease so you can focus on patient care.

We understand the skills needed to build a well-established and organized clinic and we know the competition is fierce.

That’s why we work hard to help you create a powerful brand and identity that is designed with the tools to help you stand out as the leader of your business while providing business tools and training to ensure success.

Guidance For All Your Business Needs

Start with a Strategy Session to help you plan and execute to success.

The business of medical aesthetics is a $14 billion dollar industry, and it’s growing rapidly. Adding medical aesthetic services to your practice ensures you offer treatments your customers want and provides you opportunity for rapid revenue growth for your business.

DermAesthetic Consulting helps established business owners expand and provide the right aesthetic services for their clients. We design programs and treatment menus to target the correct demographic and create consistent cash flow through cosmetic services to complement your existing medical practice. Our clients benefit on everything from guidance and promotional pricing for product and equipment purchases to valuable operations and sales training for success.

For existing aesthetic practices, DAC helps owners with intentional business planning. We can help you strengthen processes and procedures, build incredible teams, level up your sales strategy, plan marketing and advertising campaigns that work, and tailor your treatments to earn immediate revenue and gain fast ROI.

Practice Start-Up Services

Build a seven-figure aesthetic clinic with DermAesthetic. Whether you are new to the aesthetic industry or experienced, we know that building a successful practice can be challenging and stressful. We develop a plan to help physicians and owners launch new practices to ensure a kick start to success. Our founders and consultants work hard to organize and plan an effective launch of your business while offering affordability and ongoing support for the first year.

We take care of all the planning, including demographic research, employment recruitment, legal and compliance work, branding and websites, retail display and vendor selection, marketing and advertising planning, and launch. In addition, we provide business training and financial planning for owners and specialized training for your staff.

DermAesthetic walks new owners through every step of the planning and launching of your new practice while providing support, training, and guidance every step of the way.

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Business Training For Owners

DermAesthetic offers a variety of business training for physicians, NPs, RN’s and business owners through private consulting or by attending one of our seminars or workshops.

  • Understanding Business Finances
  • Medical Spa P&L and Balance Sheets. What you need to look for and know.
  • Determine Your Revenue Goals by month, day, and hour, without all the business jargon
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators and holding your staff accountable (and why it’s important).
  • Employee Retention and Loyalty
  • How to Build a Dynamic Team
  • Office Management and Leadership Training
  • Revenue management with medical service billables and aesthetic cash-based services.
  • Compliance and Medical Director Liability
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Legal & Compliance

DermAesthetic provides businesses and owners with compliance guidance and essential information about legal and state regulations for medical spa businesses. With the help of the best healthcare attorneys, you will be certain legal formation and needs are met. We offer you offer various resources, forms, and tools to ensure your company is compliant and protected.

  • State Regulation Guidance
  • Medical Director Contracts
  • Treatment Consent Forms
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Financial Policy office forms
  • Specialized Medical Spa Legal Resources
  • Treatment Forms and so much more
  • Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPOM)
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Staff Training​

We offer private on-site training and virtual training options to ensure your staff has the finest knowledge and skills to provide the phenomenal experience for your customers. Empowering your staff with education and training is an investment in your business’ overall success.

Our Training Solutions include:

  • Sales Training : Learn to sell and build loyal customers for life
  • Consultation Sales Training
  • Retail Sales Strategy Training
  • Phone Skills and Customer Service Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • EHR and Medical Terminology Training
  • Virtual Training and Webinars
  • Clinical Training: Laser Certification, Injectables, and Medical Aesthetics
  • Plus more…
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Advertising And Promotion

Advertising and Promotional campaigns attract new patients, stimulate sales, and increase revenue.

Creating and promoting profitable service and product-based programs is even more critical than in the past due to an increased upsurge in online branding and advertising.

Advertising your medical clinic or medical spa is essential for growing the number of new patients, increasing revenues, and is the key platform needed to develop an organized brand that stands out, while achieving a positive reputation within your community. The beauty industry is a $40 billion dollar industry and consumers often choose their clinics or medical spas based on the feel of the brand and the company’s presence. Without adequate and ongoing advertising, your company could miss out on financial growth opportunities.

We provide a variety of services for all of your business advertising, marketing and branding needs to create awareness and inspire consumers to take action while maintaining the prestige and integrity of your brand.

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Lead Generation And Customer Growth

DermAesthetic provides practical solutions to generate fresh interest for the services you offer through practical and proven advertising on various social media and Google platforms.

Our guaranteed results give your business an immediate database of NEW & QUALIFIED customers interested in your products and company.

Customers are provided with clients’ names and contact information and automatic booking options for the leads we generate for your company.

Business owners also can hire our company to secure the leads we generate, essentially taking care of the entire process from promotion to lead establishment to appointment booking and purchase.

We provide a variety of services for all of your business advertising, marketing and branding needs to inspire consumers to take action while maintaining the prestige and integrity of your brand.

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Scheduling & Cold Call Services

DermAesthetic offers and industry-experienced professionals to assist with your business phone needs. Each professional offers 5-Star Customer Service to give your customers the phone experience they deserve. In addition, we provide scheduling services for business offices, promotional cold calling, customer lead calling, and follow-up care phone services for post-treatment and customer retention.

These services provide solutions for new and busy clinics needing excellent phone support staff.

We can also provide training for your in-house needs. Let us know how we may assist you.


Recruiting And Job Placement

Hiring the right staff is essential for your company’s success. You need a team, no matter how big or small, who can work together, support one another, and turn rapport into revenue.

DAC Group offers recruitment services for your aesthetic business. Our network allows us to find experienced industry professionals who provide a strong work ethic, dependability, and the skills to become an asset to your company. In addition, we work closely with experienced professionals, schools, and students new to the industry to assist in job placement.

We specialize in medical spa staff members, including physician recruiting, medical directors, certified laser technicians, and injectable specialists.

We also help you find the right aestheticians, front office staff, sales managers, and more.

Inquire today to see how DAC can assist you with your hiring needs.

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Get The Complete Medspa Safety And Compliance Manual!

Includes Over 350 Pages Of Guidance for Medspa Operations

This Comprehensive Guide Includes:

Pre- and Post-Treatment Patient Forms, Including Consents

Treatment Logs

Rules And Regulatory Guidance For Medical Directors

OSHA And HIPAA Compliance

Laser Safety Guidelines


& Much More.

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Website Development And Hosting

Websites need to be informative, interactive, and interesting.

Most websites in the industry fall short. We can assist you in creating a beautiful website designed around your business and is specifically geared towards the aesthetic industry.

Your website needs to reflect your business’s values and be attractive to the clientele the business wants to target. So let us help you integrate all of those factors into an appealing and effective web presence.

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Branding & Logo Design Services

Branding and marketing your business is one of the key elements of any successful business.

DermAesthetic’s Consultants offer over 50 years of combined experience. Our clients benefit by developing solid brand identities and create effective plans to realize their vision of success. We build long-term relationships with our clients, becoming extended members of your team.

Bringing professional resources, an array of best practices, and a critical eye, we provide the benefits of an agency—depth, professionalism, experience, hassle-free service. We offer one-time or full-time solutions at affordable rates for your advertising and marketing communications projects. After all, money spent that doesn’t yield results is money wasted.

When you work with DermAesthetic Consultants, we help make the process easy so you can focus on patient care.

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