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MedSpa Treatment Consent Forms.

Our forms outline a description of the treatment and result goal, potential risks, contraindications, refund policies and release for legal ramifications for any adverse side effect and  possible dissatisfied outcome.  Each Consent Form is available for instant download upon purchase and is 100% customizable upon request.  

What are consent forms and why does my Medspa need them?

Patient-informed consent means patients understand the risks, alternatives and possible benefits of any treatment they receive.  With informed consent, a patient can consent to treatment that they understand. This is important since even treatments which are meant to help a patient come with risks, and it is essential for patients to accept those risks when getting care.  A consent form is a great tool to outline realistic expectations, possible ineffectiveness of treatments or the need for additional treatments once care is completed.  Most importantly, a consent form releases your company and staff from any legal ramifications in the event a potential risk occurs.