The DAC Group Top Vendor List is a useful resource for determining the best vendors to use when starting your own medspa. This list offers resources for the best skin care companies for retail, aesthetic equipment, medical supply, marketing and advertising companies, medspa build out contractors and so much more. This list includes three pages of  our favorite, most reliable and more reputable vendors we have personally used and found to be great in helping us to build our own 7-figure medspas.


 Best of all, when you purchase our Top Vendors List, you benefit from the relationships we have personally built over the past 20 years and will receive an exclusive discount to many of the vendors we list.  Save up to 15% for select vendors on your first purchse or opening order.   This list not only offers you a guide to the best aesthetic vendors to use but this list also saves you big!  

Top Vendor List

  • Our Medspa Start Up Check List- 5 Phases to Success is available instantly upon purchase.  Your FREE 30 Day access to our consultants expires 30 days after purchase.