DAC Group employment contracts are prepared by the expertise of healthcare compliance professionals within the healthcare and medical spa industry. Our contracts are designed by the best attorneys who are experienced specifically to employment for medical spas and or medical practices that offer medical spa services.   Our contracts provide comprehensive medspa contract solution designed to save your company time and money by allowing the contract to be 100% customizable for unlimited use. 

We deliver a full-scale contract that combines the expertise of healthcare, technical and legal professionals that mitigates compliance risk, achieves cost savings, improves efficiency and ensures healthcare and medspa organizations stay ahead of shifting regulations while also outlining the newer rules and regulations of the medical spa industry. 


This Medical Aesthetician Employment contract outlines the Aestheticians Job Duites, Medical Group Obligations, State Rules and Regulations, Medical Director Supervision, Training- Education and Licensing Obligations, Compensation and Benefits, Confidentiality, Term and Termination, Miscellaneous agreements and includes two Exhibits to outline the Aestheticicans Compensation, Commission and Benefits.  


This contract also includes a 1 year non-compete, non-discloure and indefinite confidentiality agreement protecting the employer from risks assoicated with loss of customers, loss from training expenses paid on behalf of company, trade secrets, and private company information in the event of termination.  


This contract is in PDF format.  We offer free edits to make this document customizable upon request and to provide legal turn key solutions, saving owners time and legal expense.  

Medical Aesthetician Employment Agreement

  • This contract is three contracts in one.  Employeemnt contract includes non-compete, non disclousre and confidentiality clause to protect owners from loss of clients and revenue upon termiantion of a service provider.