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Plasma Pen Training & Certification

The National Medspa Training Institute is the 1st and Only School in the United States partnered with Plasma Pen, to provide in person training and certification for Plasma Pen.  

Straight talking from the experts

Delivered by Plasma Pen Master Trainer, true experts in their field, our Plasma Pen training is delivered through our exclusive Masterclasses; underpinned by significant pre-course aesthetic training, and followed by continual support from our expert team.


Why you should add Plasma Pen to your treatment portfolio

We stand by our reputation, team and infrastructure. Plasma Pen is the very best plasma device on the market, and we offer one of the very highest standards of aesthetic training available worldwide. When you purchase a Plasma Pen Classic device with the Elite Technician training, our Plasma Pen Master Technicians deliver an OCN Level 3 accredited course that allows you to earn up to 40 CPD points.

The Plasma Pen Advanced Technician training course is available with the purchase of our Plasma Pen Ultra or Plasma Pen Platinum devices. Our Plasma Pen Advanced Technician training course is accredited by the OCN to Level 4, which allows you to earn up to 40 CPD points with 4 credits. Train to deliver long-lasting results with Plasma Pen and add an additional lucrative revenue stream to your business, with our range of innovative and cutting-edge treatments.

Louise Walsh developed the Plasma Technology and Plasma Pen.  Other devices claiming to provide plasma pen or fiber blasting technology are not true plasma pen devices.  At the National Medspa Training Institute, we are approved and endorsed by Louise Walsh herself to provide training on her devices in the United States.  

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Why train with The National Medspa Training Institute? Louise Walsh International?

When you purchase a Plasma Pen Classic, Ultra or Platinum device, we don’t just simply hand you our innovative plasma device. We train you to deliver incredible skin-rejuvenation techniques to eradicate the signs of ageing and wrinkles. Our Masterclass training is one of the most comprehensive and beneficial aesthetic training programmes available on the market today.  

When you undertake Plasma Pen training with The National Medspa Training Institute, our Master Trainers will cover every aspect of the Plasma Pen, from the revolutionary technology that underpins the world’s #1 plasma device, to the detailed anatomy of the skin. At the National Medspa Training Institute, we are the first to provide the same The Plasma Pen training by Louise Walsh International here in the United States while delivering continued support from our Master Trainers, as well as a wealth of marketing & commercialisation materials and treatment factsheets that can be used within your clinic or studio.

We are the first school in the United States approved and partnered with Plasma Pen to provide the exact training offered by Louise Walsh International right here in the United States.  Our Plasma Pen trainers are certified Plasma Pen Trainers.  When you register for our Plasma Pen course, you get 40 hours of personalize training that includes both online learning and in person, hands on training to develop excellent skills and knowledge.  

Become an Elite technician

Our Elite Training focuses primarily on the face, but teaches the foundational building blocks so treatments can be delivered anywhere on the body. Hence why our Elite training is often the pre-requisite for our Advanced Training Course.

  • Eye lifts & crows feet

  • Skin tightening

  • Skin Lifting

  • Skin resurfacing

  • Smokers lines

  • Jaw tightening

Our Elite Training is OCN accredited and is equivalent to 40 hours and 4 CPD points, providing a Level 3 qualification in Plasma Treatment.

Become an Advanced technician

Our Advanced Training covers more complex, challenging and niche procedures and is often reserved for medical professional and our Elite aestheticians who are looking to further develop their skills. We cover specific procedures across the face, neck and body in detail.

  • Skin tag removal

  • Mole removal

  • Scar revision

  • Pigmentation work

  • Stretch mark work

  • Advanced skin rejuvenation

Our Advanced Training is OCN accredited and is equivalent to 40 hours and 4 CPD points, providing a Level 4 qualification in Plasma Treatment.