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Medical Office Assisting 

Working in a medical office along side physicians is a very rewarding career.  Becoming a medical aesthetician and gaining a career within a reputable dermatology or plastic surgery office can be challenging without the proper skills.   The skills an aesthetician needs to properly assist in a medical setting are very different than the skills needed for a spa.  This course teaches aestheticians how to transition into a medical setting to help your medical office offer the best synergy of cosmetic and medical care.    Our aestheticians with medical training earn nearly twice as much as spa aestheticians and are able to become a key asset to any office for which they work. 

This 3 day course trains aestheticians on the following: 

  • Medical Terminology 

  • Common Dermatology conditions

  • Training on the #1 most used Dermatology specific EHR system    ( EMA)

  • Basics for Medical Coding in  Dermatology

  • Surgical Prep Set up & Assisting with Medical Procedures

  • Ordering Labs in an EHR

  • Advanced Acne protocols to compliment the physician’s treatment plan

  • Wound care

  • How to recommend or suggest cosmetic services to your medical patients.  

  • Professionalism in the medical work environment 

  • Laws surrounding aestheticians in the medical field.  

$3400 per student

$6999 for 2 day Private Group Training in office.  ( up to 3 staff members)