Private Group Training

Laser Training and Certification

DermAesthetic Consulting offers private courses and  hands on training for medical and aesthetic professionals in the comfort of your own dermatology or medical spa facility.

 Our Private Group Training is designed to provide fast track training and convenience  to business owners while providing a more detailed and comprehensive training program specifically  tailored to meet the needs of each practice.  

Group on site training, provides more  one on one hand on training to your staff to ensure a solid foundation of knowledge is established and training to perform safe and effective treatments. Not only do we teach your team how to be the best but most importantly how they become assets to your growing practice to help you sell and earn loyal patients. 


Business owners who purchase group training also benefit from a generous savings bundle while also savings time your staff is away from patients.  



Advanced Aesthetics 

2 Day Group Training 

This Two Day course on Advanced Aesthetics provides training on a variety of the most advanced aesthetic treatments.  This course is designed for Nurses, Medical Assistants and Medical Aestheticians.  

Add new revenue to your business by empowering your staff with training on 5 advanced aesthetic treatments including micro needing, Dermaplaning, Hydrafaicals LED light therapy and PRP treatments in  the comfort and privacy of your own facility.  

We provide a detailed didactic from a medical aspect on each treatment while providing hands on, one on one training for each service.  Not only will your staff learn advanced techniques and proper treatment protocols but they will learn how to perform effective consultations and cross selling habits to increase overall sales.  This training elevates your staffs confidence while you see an immediate increase in revenue right away.  

Included training for up to 3 staff members.
 $1000 for each additional participant.   


1 Day Group Training 

Botox and Fillers are one of the popular cosmetic treatments.  In fact there are over 250000 google search done monthly in search of qualified and experienced injectable providers.  Administering these treatments requires skill and an artistic ability to provide natural and satisfactory results. This one day course provides comprehensive Botox and Filler ( Juvederm & Radiesse ) certification.  Both didactic and hands on training is provided so that your practice or medical spa can immediately incorporate these services into your new or established practice.    This course finishes with additional business sales training to perform effective consultations that results in sales and return business.  We provide the Botox and Injectable products for training.  


Includes training for up to two staff members 

Clinical Training 

3  Day Group Training 

Our Clinical Training Two Day Training course provides personalized and private laser training and certification in the comfort of your own facility.  Our consultants and trainers will provide a generalized didactic on the variety of laser and IPL technologies available on the market to ensure a strong foundation of technology 101 knowledge.  Your staff is then provided education and certification on the devices and services your office.  Each staff member is provided one on one hands training to develop strong technique skills and to ensure proper use of each device is utilized.   This course focuses on properly administering safe and effective treatment however, offers your staff additional success tools to help them generate strong sales and earn loyal customers.   This course is recommended for business owners who want to ensure their staff have the best skills and have the tools needed to help them thrive in their position as a laser technician.  

Included training for up to 3 staff members.  $1000 for each additional participant.   

Staff Training & Development 

2 Day Group Training

Offering the right treatments and procedures is just the beginning of creating a successful practice.  

The overall experience is what earns loyal customers and having staff that doesn't  thrive in providing excellent in customer care, can essentially destroy a business.  

 Our Staff training & Development course offers a two day training program that focuses on the foundation of skills for your management and front office team that will ensure success. From front office skills, to phone skills, to how to administer a consultation, up-selling and marketing... we develop exuberant staff members who will learn skills needed to thrive in customer care, clinic organization management.  Our focus is developing a solid customer care plan for your clinic and protocols for staff to follow that will leave your patients feeling like they received a VIP experience at every visit.  In additional our staff training and development course  will review pricing and sales protocols, how to a negative experience into a positive outcome, teach secrets to increase revenue overnight and how to plan and launch customer events, & provide suggestions for waiting room marketing.


Business Kick Start

2 Day Office Training 

Launching a new business can be scary and difficult.  Our business kick start course works with your owners and managers to ensure your clinics success. Our approach is simple. We take the time to get to know our clients, so that we can effectively develop a custom business plan which will meet your needs. Whether you’re in the conception stage of your business or expanding your brand to a new market, our team of business consultants will work to ensure you’re in a position to succeed. This formula is used in our own practice and was developed over our 17 years working in the industry.  We work with your company to ensure the highest return at a cost effective budget.  From hiring and compensation to front office skills for your staff along with marketing and adversing, we ensure your business is launched ready to succeed.  Together owners & DermAesthetic will determine your most important needs and develop a 90 day Kick Start Plan that is right for your business needs.  Starting at $6500

Personalized Clinic Training

2 Day Group Training 

Our personalized clinic training course allows you the perfect combination of training that best suits the needs of your staff and business.  We start by setting up a personalized consultation with our DermAesthetic Consultants to learn the specific needs of your office.  

Bases on the areas of training needed and the number of staff members who need training, An affordable quote will be provided.  Each student will get a training manual and have additional support for 30 days following your office training for additional questions you may have.  Select a variety of clinical training sessions to teach your staff, business consulting, sales training or marketing.  Together a personal plan will be designed for your specific clinic needs.  


$ Varies based on Personal Needs.