Employment Contracts Specialized for Medical Spas

To build a successful medical spa, you must have a successful team.  Have you heard that you are only as strong as your weakest link? 


We offer medical spa employment contracts designed to protect your companies’ time, invested expenses of training and trade secrets that make you successful.  Each contract provides a job description and duties contingent to the position while incorporating contractual clauses such as a non-compete for 1-year, non-solicitation and the reimbursing of paid training fees and prevents your asset from going to work for a competitor in a designated geographic area upon the employee’s willful departure before the end of the contract term.


Each employment contract is legally binding and can be customized specifically to meet your specific company needs. 

The average contract attorney charges $2500 per contract, per employee and usually are not specific to the medspa industry .   


Our Employment Contracts are not only specific to the aesthetic industry but they can be customized, saving you time and money.  

Our contracts outline the best protection by utilizing our 30 Years of Industry Experience starting and growing medspa practices.