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As a professional working in the Aesthetic industry, being able to achieve goals, sales and earn loyal customers is essential for optimal career growth.  Learn to set yourself apart by becoming an indispensable employee to your office.  When you work with  DermAesthetic Consultanting you are learning from some of the most respected, experienced, and successful aesthetic professionals in the industry.    Our students learn extensive tips and skills to help them thrive in their position while also learning how to become one of the most  valued team members of their office.   We offer a variety of courses to help you develop the skills you need.  DermAesthetic  will help you learn how to become the best by developing your confidence,  teaching you to excell at sales skills and showing you how to accelerate  your career to its fullest potential.  

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How to Earn a six-figure Income

The service industry provides many opportunities for self growth and financial success.  However, getting there is often a challenge.  Learn the best skills to grow your client base, land large sales and earn lifelong respect from your employer and your customers.  This course provides students the tools needed to earn higher salaries, larger commission checks while earning their way to the top.  Learn buyer types, how to qualify a consultation, up sell without "selling" and negotiate higher salaries with your employers.  Learn what you are worth and how to achieve the income you deserve.  This step by step motivational course is a must!  . Whether you are just starting out in the service industry or a seasoned professional, this course provides you what you need to advanced your career to a six figure income. 

Perform The Perfect Consultation

Creating Loyal Customers

Consultations are your first impression and where you earn some of your largest sales.  Eight out of ten customers who take the time to visit for a consultation have already decided that they want your services.  However, many professional often fail at capturing sales during this time.  Learn how to perform the perfect consultation that excites and educates your customers but also establishes instant loyalty to your clinic and shows them you're the best . 

Loyal customers are the cement to any business foundation.  Without customers, there is no professional or company growth.  When you achieve a loyal customer, they are dedicated to your brand and business and often are not swayed by price or availability.  This course teaches professionals the best skills to keep your customers coming back for life.  Learn how to incorporate reward programs and how to incorporate key customer service tools that will commit your customers to you for life. 

Front Desk Etiquette 

Extraordinary customer service starts with your reception staff and is often the first impression every customer has of your business.  The right  skills are  essential for your office's overall success.  Learn how to show excellence through every stage of your customers' experience from their first phone call, to the greeting to the 5 star experience at every visit.  Learn skills to develop your professionalism , understand your customers' needs better and to create a level of service second to none.   This course is great for anyone - From new hires, or established staff members wanting to refresh their perspectives.  

EHR Training for Aestheticians 

Electronic Medical Records are required in all medical offices.  However, aestheticians do not obtain this level of training in school. For aestheticians wanting to become employed as a medical aesthetician, there are skills needed that physicians look for.  Having experiencing and understanding how to use an EHR system is attractive but also is becoming an essential skill required in medical offices prior to being hired.  

 Learn how to use the #1 dermatology and plastic surgery EHR system in the country. We provided training on Modernizing medicine, Epic and Advanced MD programs.   Learning how to properly use an EHR system provides you essential skills to assist your physician in the exam rooms, provides a better way to document and record medical spa services.  Having this experience also sets you apart from your competition and is a valuable addition for your resume as you build your career.  

Up Selling & Achieving Sales goals

When it comes to running a service-based business, we know that your full focus is zeroed in on delivering the best possible experiences to your customers. However, there might be something really important you’re missing out on to truly maximize the quality of service you are offering to them: the upsell.  It is proven that it takes five times more effort to earn a sale from a new customer than it does an established one.  This course teaches students how to engage their customers while creating value and a meaningful experience.  Learn how to recommend and educate to earn new sales every time.  

Assisting a Physician 

Working with a physician for the first time can be intimidating to some aesthetic professionals.  Physicians’ authority and experience can make them seem like the end-all point of knowledge in the workplace, but it’s important to remember your skills and what you can offer to your office.  This course teaches aesthetic professionals how to properly assist a physician and how to anticipate the needs of the doctor.  Learn common medical terminology, medical abbreviations, room sterilization and set up, and proper documentation that is required in a medical setting. This course also teaches aesthetic professionals how to cross market other services and product sales. In addition we teach our students  a variety of other skills needed to earn the respect and become a vital team member to your clinic while you set your physician up for success.  

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