3 Day Fast Track Injectable

Training & Certification 

This course is designed for nurses, physician assistance, nurse practitioners, dentist and physicians This course provides in depth education to providers to acquire the necessary knowledge and hands on skills to perform cosmetic injectable procedures.   

Course Overview

This two-day class will provide both didactic and hands-on experience in neurotoxins and fillers.  This is designed to give physicians, mid-levels and RNs a comprehensive understanding of how neurotoxins and fillers work, where they are used, risks and benefits as well as training on recognizing and managing complications. We provide education on the differences between neurotoxins and the various fillers as well as their clinical applications.  In addition, we teach how to consult with clients in order to maximize sales of these treatments and how to receive the highest ROI possible.  Hands-on experience in small groups will cover the beginning techniques for injection in multiple parts of the face. Classroom curriculum is designed to give medical professionals and students an in-depth knowledge of skin care mechanics in addition to comprehensive injectable training education for neurotoxins and a variety of cosmetic filler products.   This course is designed to bridge the gap between the information provided by the pharmaceutical manufacturers that may be too basic and the advanced learning material that may be too advanced for new technicians without any prior laser knowledge.  This course also provides extensive hand on training to assist in developing proper technique to perform effective treatments and results. 


Marketing and Career Advancement:

 In addition to providing injectable training and certification,  Dac Group courses contain an extensive presentation on how to build your business as an employee, independent contractor or business owner.



Course includes :

  • Injectables Training Manual 

  • Training Workbook

  • Injectable Training Certification and course completion certificate

  • Hands-on Training performing a variety of treatments using neurotoxins and cosmetic Fillers

  • Sales Training and Career Guidance

  • 3 years access to online learning portal for continuing education and training

Day One- Afternoon Session

  • Cosmetic Fillers 101

  • Didactic on history of fillers, the three basic types. facial anatomy of the vessels and of volume loss.

  • Saftey, RIsks and Benefits 

  • Combintion Therapy with lasers or neurotoxins

  • Demo of Lips, NLFs and Cheek Treatments

Day Two- Afternoon Session - Sales Training


  • Review of Medical Didactic

  • Review of Treatment with Neurotoxins

  • Review of Procedure Protocols and Safety

  • Hands On Skills Training

  • Practice

Day Three-Afternoon Session. Sales and Marketing

  • Conducting the perfect consultation

  • Building Loyal Customers

  • Best Business Practices to earn business

  • Q/A

Online Learning Portal Following your Certification 

Retaining the learning knowledge and having on-going support is key to your professional success.  To ensure this success, our 3 Day Fast Track Training program also includes  3 Years Access to our Online Learning Portal for continued learning.  Students are able to Review or Learn further medical didactic, View How-to tutorials, Enhance skills through Video skill training and more.  Our online portal is provided to assist in our students  overall learning experience and continuing. We are the only injectable training school to offer such extensive learning to our students.   


Course Outline

Day One- Morning Session

  • Injectables 101 Understanding Neurotoxins

  • Didactic and history of the four approved products.

  • Understanding Differences between neurotoxin products

  • Muscle anatomy, risks and how to manage them, benefits.

  • Principles and safety with Neurotoxin Injectables 

  • Potential side effects and risks.

  • Incorporating neurotoxins into your practice



Day Two- Morning Session – Hands-On Training


  • Safety and Procedure Protocols Review

  • Mixing and  preparing for Treatment 

  • Hands on Small Groups using each product

  • Hands on Small Groups using Fillers 

  • Conducting Consultations 

  • Model Practice 


Day Three- Morning  Session - Review & Hands-On Training


  • Group Review

  • Small Group Practice and Skills Training

  • Review Procedure didactic

  • Certification Exam

Course Investment $2999 

Why Choose DermAesthetic ?

  • Over 30 Years of Aesthetic Industry experience training professionals and starting medical spas

  • Most comprehensive Learning for a variety of light and laser modalities.  

  • Learn From Dr. Jenks- Award Winning TOP 500 National Allergan Injector and SKIN INC. Advisory Board Member.

  • Learn advanced protocols

  • Learn Combination Therapy

  • Learn how to conduct successful consultations

  • Fastest Training program in the country 

  • Small classes for on-on-one attention.

  • Practice on real medspa patients.

  • Affordable payment plans upon qualification.

  • Only training institute to offer 3 years of FREE ONLINE Training Access for continued learning after certification is complete. OFFERED FREE TO OUR STUDENTS for a limited time.   

  • Free Career Training & Guidance 

  • 1 Day FREE Sales Training included with your training to support your future success.

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