Business Consulting & Services 

Starting any small business and especially a medical business can be challenging.   In addition, today's physicians often lack the training and experience  to manage and run a successful business.   Our DermAesthetic consultants offer over 35  years of combined industry experience to help you launch or expand your clinic with ease so you can focus on patient care.  We understand the skills that are needed to create a well established and organized clinic and we know the competition is fierce.  That's why we work hard to help you create a strong brand and identity that is designed with the tools to help you stand out as the leader of your business while providing business tools and training to ensure success.  

 We offer training for owners and staff,  recruiting, marketing & advertising, event planning and more. .   In addition, we review basic accounting and finance issues of which any business owner should be aware while teaching owners how to budget, maximize revenues or identify potential financial hiccups.   In order to have a financially successful practice in today’s competitive market, an owner needs to be intimately involved with financial, marketing, HR and customer service issues.  We offer training that helps you to excel in all of those areas.  

When you hire DermAesthetic Consulting to handle your business services, you are gaining professionals that care about your company’s success as if it's our own business and who offer affordable options to meet the specific needs of your company.  


Offering Services for all your Business Needs

Practice Start Up Services

Build a 7- figure aesthetic clinic with DermAesthetic.   Whether you are new to the aesthetic industry or experienced, building a successful practice can be challenging and stressful.  We develop  3-6 month plans to help Physicians and owners launch new practices to ensure a kick start to success.   Our founders and consultants work hard to organize and plan an effective launch of your business while offering affordability and on-going support for the first year.  

 We take care of all the planning including demographic research, employment recruitment, legal and compliance work, branding and websites, retail display and vendor selection, marketing and advertising planning and launch.  In addition, we provide business training and financial planning for owners and specialized training for your staff.     

DermAesthetic walks new owners through every step of the planning and launching of your new practice while providing support, training and guidance well beyond your opening date.  

When you choose DermAesthetic, you are gaining expertise and experience from professionals who have built their own successful practices and are recognized and award winning industry leaders.      Learn More

Business of Medical Aesthetics

The business of medical aesthetics is a 14 billion dollar industry and is growing rapidly.  Adding medical aesthetic services to your practice ensures your practice is offering what your customers want and provides immediate revenue growth for your business.    DermAesthetic helps established business owners choose expand to offer the right Aesthetic services. We designs programs and menus to best target the right demographic to create consistent cash flow through cosmetic services either in addition to or apart from an existing  medical practice.  Our business owners benefit from discounts on equipment purchases and gain valuable training for success.  DermAesthetic will also help owners  plan advertising campaigns to earn immediate revenue for new services to gain fast ROI.   Learn More 

Business Training for Owners 

DermAesthetic offers a variety of business training for physicians and owners offered through private consulting or by attending one of our seminars or workshops.  


  • Understanding Business Finances

  • Medical Spa P&L and Balance sheets.  What you need to know and look for.

  • Employee Retention and Loyalty

  • Office management and Leadership

  • Revenue management with medical service billables and aesthetic cash based services. 

  • Compliance and Medical Director Liability

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Staff Training

We offer private on-site training and virtual training options to ensure your staff has the best knowledge and skills to provide the best experience to your customers.  Empowering your staff with education and training is an investment to your business overall success.  


  • Clinical Training -Laser Certification, Injectables and Medical Aesthetics 

  • Sales training - Learn to sell and build loyal customers

  • Retail Sales and Training

  • Phone Skills and Customer Service Training

  • Professional Development Training

  • EHR and Medical Terminology Training

  • Consultation Sales 

  • Virtual Training and Webinars 

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Legal & Compliance

DermAesthetic provides businesses and business owners with compliance guidance and important information pertaining to legal and state regulations for medical spa businesses.    We work with owners to provide a variety of resources, forms and tools to ensure your company is complaint and protected.   

  • State Regulation Guidence

  • Medical Director Contracts 

  • Treatment Consent Forms

  • Purchase Agreements 

  • Employment Contracts

  • Financial Policy office forms

  • Specialized Medical Spa Legal Resources

  • Treatment Forms

  • and so much more. 


Contact us for more information or visit our Store to purchase forms now.  

Website Development and hosting.  

We can assist you in  creating a beautiful website designed around your business that is specifically geared towards the aesthetic industry.  Websites need to be informative, interactive and interesting.  In addition, they need to reflect the values of the business and be attractive to the clientele the business wants to target.  Let us help you to integrate all of those factors into an effective web presence.   Learn More 

Lead Generation and Customer Growth

DermAesthetic provides effective solutions to generate new interest for the services you offer through effective and proven advertising on a variety of social media and google platforms.  Our guaranteed results provide an immediate database of NEW & QUALIFIED customers who are interested in your products and company.  Customers are provided with daily reports of customers names and contact information along with automatic booking options for the leads we generate for your company.  In addition, business owners also have the option of hiring our company to secure the leads we generate essentially taking care of the entire process from promotion, to lead establishment to booking and finally, purchase.  

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Recruiting and Job Placement

Hiring the right staff is essential for your company's success.  Dac Group offers recrutiment services to for your business.  Our network allows us to find experienced industry professionals that offer strong work ethic, dependability and have the skills to become an asset for your company.  In additional we work closely with professionals who are experienced, schools and student new to the industry to assist in job placement.

We specialize in medical spa staff members including Physician recruiting and medical directors, certified laser technicians and injectable specialist.   Learn More 

Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and Promotional campaigns are designed to attract new patients, stimulate sales and increase revenue.  Creating and promoting profitable service and product based programs is even more critical that it has been in the past due to an increased uptake in online branding and advertising. 

Advertising your medical clinic or medical spa is essential for growing the number of new patients, increase revenues and are the key platforms needed to develop and build an organized brand to stand out,  while achieving a positive reputation within your community. The beauty industry is a 40 billion dollar industry and consumers often choose their clinics or medical spas based on the “feel” of the brand and the presence of the company.  Without effective and ongoing advertising, your company could be missing out on financial growth opportunities.   


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Scheduling & Cold Call Services 


DermAesthetic offers professional and industry experienced professionals to assist with your business phone needs.   Each professional offers 5-Star Customer Service to give your customers the phone experience they deserve.  We provide scheduling services for business offices, promotional cold calling, customer lead calling and follow up care phone services for post treatment and customer retention.  These services provide solutions for both new clinics and busy clinics that have needs for excellent phone support staff.  


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