Advertising & Promotional Needs

Advertising and Promotional campaigns are designed to attract new patients, stimulate sales and increase revenue.  Creating and promoting profitable service and product based programs is even more critical that it has been in the past due to an increased uptake in online branding and advertising. 

Advertising your medical clinic or medical spa is essential for growing the number of new patients, increase revenues and are the key platforms needed to develop and build an organized brand to stand out,  while achieving a positive reputation within your community. The beauty industry is a 40 billion dollar industry and consumers often choose their clinics or medical spas based on the “feel” of the brand and the presence of the company.  Without effective and ongoing advertising, your company could be missing out on financial growth opportunities.   


We provide a variety of services for all of your business advertising, marketing and branding needs to inspire consumers to take action while maintaining the prestige and integrity of your brand.  Our consultants and business partners offer an array of experience in creative graphic designing, social media ads and marketing, promotional plans, google marketing, designs of flyers, postcards, clinic banners, and displays and much more. DermAesthetic also offers advertising and marketing management on a quarterly or yearly basis so you can focus on patient care.  

Your Success is our Success!  We utilize the best resources, vendors and experienced professionals to create the perfect advertising and marketing strategies and plans to generate growth for your practice. 

Quarterly Promotional Plans

  • Develop Monthly Promotional plan

  • Create materials and execute distribution of materials 

  • Manage social medial platforms

  • Execute google marketing and tracking to drive business 

  • Utilize value ads and implement discount offers

  • Employ call to action for campaigns 

  • Plan and manage customer events

  • Create video content for websites, blogs and social platforms

Design Magazine
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Yearly Promotional Plans 

  • Develop Quarterly Promotional  Plans

  • Create materials and execute distribution of materials, 

  • Create Content for Magazine branding

  • Public Relations Management

  • Manage social media platforms

  • Design, launch and maintain social media campaign marketing

  • Create effective memberships , referral programs and Loyalty programs

  • Create and distribute  monthly value ads 

  • Create content for blog, websites and newsletters

Additional Benefits

DermAesthetic utilizes our experience in the industry to achieve discounted and bulk pricing for the variety of resources and vendors we work with.  These discounts are then incorporated into the plans we design for our customers to saving them not only time but money.  Our plans are proven to be effective in generating customer leads and new revenue for clinics.  

  • Our Customers benefit from the discounted and wholesale rates our vendors provide DermAesthetic

  • Dermaesthetics offers over 20 years of experience which has gained us the experience in knowing what works and what doesn't so that our customers get results every time. 

  • Choosing DAC Group to manage your advertising provides you a personalized marketing and advertising manager without the expense of hiring a full time employee, saving clinics money.  

  • Guaranteed results in just 30 days.